Welcome to the Association of Indian Go Players!

About Us


The seeds of AIGP were lain as early as 2009 when there was a small community of Go players who were unable to find any active existing organisation for Go players in India. At that time, there was a small group of players who would play on KGS under the India Go Club, and interact with each other through Facebook groups and pages.

In June 2017, the AIGP was founded as an informal organisation known as the India Go Group, and it organised in-person meet-ups in Mumbai and Bangalore. At its peak, there were around 20-25 students interested in learning the game, and attending meet-ups. This evolved into a 50+ member strong group on WhatsApp and Telegram that stayed active and interested in the game.

Finally, in April, 2020, the AIGP was formally incorporated, and took a larger step in presenting Indian Go players to the International stage. The AIGP was able to foster a relationship with the Internet Go Server, PandaNet, Jena International Go School, the Korean Baduk Federation, the Massechusetts Go Association, GoMagic, and Yunguseng Dojang, to name a few.

The AIGP is currently the biggest and most active Go organisation in India, with over 100 members on WhatsApp/Telegram, 300+ members on Facebook and our mailing list, and 130+ members on OGS. We conduct weekly sessions for beginners, and have conducted outreach workshops in schools and communities. We also have sent representation from India for various national and international events, like the Korean Prime Minister's Cup, the World Amateur Go Championship, and the Indian Open Go Convention.

List of Office-Bearers

Shashwat Chandra


Karan Rawat

Vice President

Soumya Kundu