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Indian representation in KPMC 2023 and AWC 2023

Korea Prime Minister Cup 2023

Soumya Kanti Kundu(1d) is representing India at the annual ‘Korean Prime Minister Cup’ being held in Gwangju, South Korea this year.

Soumya won all his matches in the selection tournament followed by Sarthak coming in 2nd.

Selection tournament results and games are available on the AIGP tournament page

Click here for more details about KPMC

Asian Weiqi Championships 2023

The Chinese Weiqi Association invited an Indian team for the annual “Asian Weiqi Championships” in April 2023

India was represented by:

  1. Soumya Kundu
  2. Shashwat Chandra
  3. Karan Rawat
  4. Sarthak Wadwani
  5. Supratic Gupta
  6. Pranjal Srivastava