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This page contains information about the state of Go in India, along with any planned events on the AIGP calendar.

India's First Open Go Convention and Tournament - Mumbai, 18th and 19th Feb

Date: 27th January, 2023

The AIGP is proud to annouce that we are organising India's FIRST Open Go Convention in association with Cluedo and Meeplecon. The convention includes learning sessions the entire day on 18th February, followed by a tournament for all on the 19th of February.

Venue: Dublin Square, Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai More Information

Physical Meetup in Mumbai

Date: 22nd January, 2023

With the reduction of COVID in India, we have slowly started having ad-hoc meetups. Karan hosted one such meetup in Mumbai this year. More Information

Pranjal Srivastava to represent India in the 2022 WAGC

Date: 16th November, 2022

Pranjal Srivastava has won the 10-person, 4-round swiss WAGC Indian Representation Selection Tournament 2022. He will be representing India in the WAGC 2022, which will take place online. Congratulations to Pranjal! More Information

Soumya Kundu wins the 9x9 Independence Day Tournament

Date: 15th August, 2022

To commemorate India's 75th Independence Day, the AIGP conducted a 9x9 tournament. There were 12 participants, and Soumya Kundu defeated everyone else to win the tournament! Congratulations, Soumya! More Information

Shashwat Chandra to represent India in the 17th KPMC

Date: 26th July, 2022

Congrats to Shashwat Chandra from Bangalore, Karnataka for winning the KPMC Indian Representative Selection Tournament, held from 22nd to 27th July, 2022. This year, the KPMC tournament will be held in-person in South Korea, and Shashwat Chandra will be representing India there. The decider match, between Karan Rawat and Shashwat Chandra was a nail-biter, and Shashwat won by a tiny 1.5 point margin to claim the victory. More Information

16 year old Pranjal Srivastava to represent India at 16th KPMC

Date: 27th June, 2021

Congrats to Pranjal Srivastava, a 16 year old from Bangalore, Karnataka, who defeated 5 others to win the KPMC Indian Representation Selection Tournament, held in June 2021. Pranjal will now go ahead and represent India at the 16th Korean Prime-Minister Cup, 2021. More Information

Indian participants at the Durham Go Tournament, 2021

Date: 20th June, 2021

The Durham Go Tournament for the year 2021 was held by the British Go Association from 19th to 20th of June, 2021. It was held online this year. The AIGP had one representative in this tournament, Shashwat Chandra, who finished the tournament ranked #14, out of 69 participants. More Information

Indian participants at the 48th Paris International Tournament, 2021

Date: 5th April, 2021

The 48th Paris International Tournament was conducted by the European Go Federation from 3rd to 5th of April, 2021. It was held on the Online Go Server (OGS). The AIGP had one representative in this tournament, Karan Rawat, who finished the tournament ranked #74, out of 175 participants. More Information