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Learn Go with AIGP

We conduct regular teaching sessions for players new to the game of Go. Details of the sessions can be found in the Telegram group.

Go Learning Resources

A Go-Comic by Andreas Fecke

This is one very good resource for people who are familiar with Chess. Written by Andreas Fecke from Germany, it has been associated with the British Go Association's tutorial material for a long time.

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How to Play Go — A Modern Tutorial

A wonderful video tutorial, by our friends at GoMagic that teaches all the rules of the game one-by-one.

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The Interactive Way To Go

This tutorial by Hiroki Mori, is one of the best known introductions to the game. It very crisply summarises the rules of the game, and goes on to explain everything in much more depth. This tutorial gets better and better, the deeper you get into it.

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Video Tutorial for the Game of Go

A video tutorial in 3 parts by Goshawk Heron

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Go - Basic Rules

A brief intro to the rules of Go by Udacity.

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How to Play Go - Shawn Ray

A video lecture series by Shawn Ray (Clossius), where he goes through the basic concepts of Go, one rule at a time.

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Other Learning Resources

Dwyrin's Back to Basics

A wonderful concept, where Dwyrin goes through the core basics that should be applied at every situations in real games against opponents; all without spending much time on concepts like Joseki, reading, and fuseki.

Key Concepts
Direction of Play

Dsaun's Shape Lecture

An unforgettable lecture on good and bad shape by Dsaun

Key Concepts