Welcome to the Association of Indian Go Players!

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We're quite active on all Go communities right now. We have our own room on OGS and Pandanet (IGS). We're also active on KGS. The AIGP also conducts weekly sessions on Sunday, where we discuss the game of Go, play against each other, review played games, and conduct teaching lessions.

Weekly AIGP Session recordings

Selected Lessons

Online Go Server

The Online Go Server (OGS) has many active communities and is one of the newer English-speaking online Go communities. AIGP has an active group on OGS, where we try to play, compete, and enjoy the game of Go.

Internet Go Server

Pandanet's Internet Go Server is one of the original Go servers that opened up to the western world, and it still has an active base of high-ranked players. AIGP has a room on IGS, which is invitation-only. Registered members of AIGP can ask to join the room on the Telegram group.